Monday, March 25, 2013

UPDATED: A Call to Write: March 2013 Winner!!!

Thank you for your entries! It was a good first month... let's get more and more entries every month! I want to hear if you guys are sending more mail and loving on the USPS since the giveaways began! Almost everyone who entered showed a little love for the handwritten letter.... so next time you say to yourself "I should really write to them.." ... do it! They will love it! 

To choose this month's winner I used; the results: 

The winner is: Hello from the Little Tree!!

She said: 

            I think that the most romantic gift I ever received was a carefully crafted 
            care package, but there's nothing like a good love letter!

Please email me within 48 hours where you would like me to mail your sweet Good Food Jobs postcards and apple postcard stamps! theculinarylibrarian[at]

No word from Little Tree so second winner was #3... Marnely Rodriguez-Murray! Please email me where you would like your postcards and stamps to be mailed! 

I will have next month's giveaway up in the second week of April, so keep an eye out! Next month will be homemade stationary, super snazzy stamps and to give you a hint the stationary was inspired in part by the one and only Julia Child! Get ready!  

Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Call To Write: Revitalizing the USPS through Giveaways!

Did you know I love postal mail? I come home everyday and open my mail box, allowing my breath to catch as I turn my key with anticipation that I’ll discover something sent with love and care carrying the unique penmanship of its sender. More days than not I am fortunate to fill my hands with a cache of magazines, letters and when I’m really lucky checks. Odds are I send more cards than your grandmother does. If you ever looked through my wallet the chances are high you would find some stamps. Some may call me old-fashioned, others would just say I have an old soul but I have always been nostalgic for the ways of the past. And mail, day-by-day, becomes increasingly archaic.

For a while I’d been trying to come up with a way to amplify the usage of the Unites States Postal Service beyond my own weekly mailings. My best audience is still right here on the Culinary Librarian, so I figured it would be smart to work out a giveaway that somehow include the post office. If you’ll remember from my last giveaway I took up embossing recently and have been making my own stationary ever since. Going one step beyond just giving away homemade cards which might be slipped under doors or place in a loved ones suitcase I have decided to give away stationary AND stamps for the next year in hopes it will start an organic chain reaction of everyone sending each other notes, letters, baked goods, sonnets, and so on and so fourth! I’m really hoping enough of you share my intense fondness for the act of sending mail and get on board. If things go really well in the first few months I will happily give away more than one set of stationary and stamps a month… Let’s start the Postal Revitalization!!!

March 2013 marks the first month of the Postal Revitalization. To begin I will be giving away a set of sassy postcards from Good Food Jobs along with thirty-three cent postcard stamps! I’m talking postcards that declare in big bold lettering “BRING HOME THE BACON” – who wouldn’t want to find bacon in their mail box?!

Since their inception I have been a huge fan and supporter of Good Food Jobs. One day it lead me to a part-time job with them as a scout. Taylor and Dorothy are truly fabulous, passionate people who luckily enough are in charge of the one-and-only Good Food Jobs. Beyond being a place to search for or post excellent opportunities in food, the site is a stupendous resource for the food-loving community. Not only is it possible to see what jobs are currently available in the food world it is also a place to learn about what is even possible when imagining making a living off a love of food. The Gastrognomes Blog profiles the movers and shakers, the leaders and bakers in the food community. Their newsletter provides a mid-week boost for its recipients to keep seeking out their dream food jobs, encouraging ways to network and grow within the food community and also announcing anything exciting coming up for GFJ on the whole. It is so much more than a job searching/posting website.

Currently they are in the midst of a slew of their own giveaways and unveiling of new tools to make finding your dream job easier in addition to being their everyday awesome. Be sure to sign up for their newsletter and watch Facebook and Twitter for the upcoming giveaways.

Now let’s get down to business:

The Prize: