Thursday, April 25, 2013

WINNER: A Call To Write: “Bon Appetit!” Stationary & Earthscapes Stamps

Sadly only one entry for April's giveaway, but luckily it was a good comment! Congratulations, Karli! 

Cooking up something good for May....! Keep an eye here for more great stationary and awesome stamps.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Call To Write: “Bon Appetit!” Stationary & Earthscapes Stamps

Last month I gave away some of my absolute favorite postcards from Good Food Jobs and adorable Apple postcard stamps which I have since become a little obsessed with sending out to my friends. This month I have crafted flat note cards using my embossing “skills”. These are sky blue note cards paired with an ocean blue envelope – the perfect set to pair with the gorgeous Earthscapes Forever stamps I will be sending along with them!

When I went shopping at my favorite Paper Source for Easter supplies/presents I came across this Bon Appetit banner stamp. Having recently watched Julie & Julia on my train ride back to the city a few days before I thought it would be just right for my April stationary giveaway!
BonAppetitApril2013EarthscapesApril2013I loved your responses to last month’s question. I’m glad to see enthusiasm over the handwritten letter – but it does go to show how rare they are nowadays! Do your part to romance someone’s day by taking a moment to write out a little note or greeting, slap a stamp on it and pop it in the mail! Throughout this year please feel free to send me a message about what you’re sending and receiving through the mail – together we will make a difference and can keep the Post Office alive and kicking!