Wednesday, January 15, 2014

WINNER UPDATE!: Love Letters + OliveBox Card Box Giveaway & Discount

First, thank you to Olive Box for giving me the opportunity to offer all of you a discount and a giveaway! I was so happy to share the love of snail mail. 

Second, our winner, chosen using a random number generator, is Elizabeth Harrison! Please send me your email [to theculinarylibrarian[at]gmail[dot]com ] so I can get you in contact with Olive Box about your prize! 

Thank you to everyone who entered... I will be doing more stationery giveaways in the coming months so keep an eye out right here! 

- - - - - - - 

Love letters. I love letters. I love love letters. I love writing love letters. I’d love to get a love letter that I would love to respond to with a love letter.

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and as I sit here and I think of it I cannot come up with a more paper-focused holiday. Do you remember being in grade school and, even before you wrote out your little Valentines, crafting the special envelope or shoe box that was used to collect all the cards from your classmates? I sure do.

There is just nothing like a love letter. There can be heart-wrenching texts, confessions of love in a Tweet, Instagram photos of romantic quotes, long emails detailing your irresistible ways…all of these things are fleeting. But a hand-written, carefully intended, sealed-with-a-kiss, sprayed with perfume love letter that comes by mail, that is meant to last, to be cherished and kept. To eventually be shown to ones children, grandchildren, published in books of great love letters. A missive read breathlessly – sometimes standing just inside the doorway, sometimes carefully taken in and savored while cozy in bed. . .

What could hold a candle to someone quietly taking the time to put pen to paper in your honor, licking an envelope, pressing on a carefully selected stamp and letting it go into a blue box. . . intended to reach your heart?

♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥  ♥

As a lover and promoter of the love note and all forms of snail mail I am happy to tell you that OliveBox has given me a discount code to share with you all, my readers, to use on their new OliveBox Card Box! Unlike the regular OliveBox, which includes cards as well as little gifts, the card box is a set of themed greeting cards. A perfect way to get an unexpected mix of cards to send out to your loved ones all year round! (And a great way to find out about fabulous new stationers, if you’re as wild about mail as I am.)

The Discount: Through January 20th enter the code culinarylibrarian10 when you sign up for the card box and you will get 10% off your purchase (one per customer)! You have the option to sign up for the current Love Card Box (1-month) or a 6-month membership.

The Giveaway: In addition to the discount OliveBox is also going to send one of you your very own card box! Post your answer to the following question by 11:59pm EST on January 22nd and be entered to win. I will randomly choose and announce a winner the following day (January 23rd) and notify OliveBox, who will send you a card box! The question:

Who would you most like to receive a love letter from?

Living, dead, fictional- no limits…feel free to get creative! Leave your answer as a comment below or email me your reply: theculinarylibrarian[at]gmail[dot]com.

Good luck and happiest of LOVE lettering!