Where to Shop: Kitchen

A nationwide resource for where to buy the best tools and cookware to equip your kitchen! I'd like this to be an ever expanding resource so if you have suggestions please email them to me!: theculinarylibrarian[at]gmail.com or tweet them to me, @culinarylibrari, with #CLShops at the end of your tweet! As you can see the list is currently New York heavy-- so share your favorite places in your hometowns and states!

Most of these stores offer an online store so feel free to check out stores out of your state and support small, local businesses! Remember, most stores will happily order a specific item for you if they do not currently carry it, don't be afraid to ask.

One of the suggestions I got from a Twitter follower was to shop at thrift store and I would like to add garage sales. The thrift store tweet from @YummyHistory: "thrift stores!!!  
great vintage design for great price, loved and tested by cooks before me. #CLShops."

Sorted first by nationwide stores, then state, alphabetically.

Locations Nationwide
Amazon is a really excellent resource because you truly can find almost anything that you want and you won't pay full price for it. If you need something in a pinch and are having a hard time finding it, Amazon is a good choice. Also, if you are building up your tools its a good place to start if you're going to be buying a variety of things at once because you can get them at a discount without paying for shipping. A good way to shop- but when you can, please do support your local kitchen stores!
Bed, Bath & Beyond
BBB has an unappreciated kitchen section; particularly great for gadgets, mixing bowls, and storage. Next time you're there be sure to check out the "beyond," you're guaranteed to find something you didn't know you were looking for. Never go without your 20% off 1 item coupon!
A facebook fan says: "Honestly for pots and pans, I go to homegoods because I can get brands as Le Creuset, All-Clad and Calphalon for less the price that other places would sell them." In this same vein, TJ Maxx and Marshall's can boast some good finds, as well!
Le Gourmet Chef
Keen on in-store samples of their gourmet food products, you can see a list of what's in stores on their website. All the kitchen basics you need. 77 stores nationwide. A favorite of Kim Bruleé's B-Sides.
Sur La Table
First opening as part of Seattle's Pike Place Market, Sur La Table has been going since 1972. They offer a wide variety of cookware, tools, gadgets, etc as well as cooking classes including the  exclusively offered Saveur Cooks Series, book signings, and demonstrations.
Founded by Chuck Williams in 1956 by Chuck Williams, Williams-Sonoma started supplying chefs and home cooks in a time when TV dinners were still the rage. Resoundingly, most of you said this is where you like to shop for all your kitchen needs! Definitely the favorite! Most stores offer cooking classes, demonstrations, book signings, and knife sharpening. Professionals can apply for Membership to receive 20% off purchases see the requirements and application here: Membership Application.

NY Cake West
Downtown, Los Angeles (Also in Manhattan, New York)
See New York listing.
pot + pantry
Mission District, San Francisco
A great recommendation from Omnivore Books. Selling new and *vintage* cookware! Very cool!

The Rolling Pin
Brandon (near Tampa)
A local shop recommended by Saraplicious Kitchen.

LeRoux Kitchen
Portland (Also in Vineyard Haven, MA and Portsmouth, NH)
Discovered this great shop thanks to my friend The Creative Culinarian on a day trip to Portland. All the supplies you need, an impressive Le Creuset display and a great selection of vinegars and oils-- that you can test! 

Different Drummer's Kitchen
Lenox and Northampton
See listing under New York

New Jersey
Chef Central
Apparently that generica strip of stores and chain restaurants you drive through in NJ to get into Manhattan is home to a huge kitchen supply store! (and right bu IKEA!) Hoping to go check it out for myself soon!

New York
A Cook's Companion
A great recommendation from Melanie Rehak, author of Eating for Beginners. They do not have an online store but show all the major brands they carry on their website. 
Bowery Kitchen Supply
Chelsea Market, Manhattan
One of my favorite places in all of New York City. I can spend a long time in here! They carry a great selection of kitchen supplies to serve the home cook and the top restaurant chef. Offer very competitive prices, as many of their items are still sold at wholesale. If you are lucky, you can sometimes catch a Food Network celebrity or test kitchen chef here! 
Broadway Panhandler
East Village, Manhattan
First went here with FCI pastry-chef-in-training Lexie of belle nana sans banane. They have a good selection but I think if you're looking for something pretty basic for the kitchen I would check out Bowery Kitchen Supply instead because the prices are better.
Different Drummer's Kitchen
Albany (also in Lenox, MA and Northampton, MA)
One of my favorite resources in my hometown to satisfy all my kitchen needs! They also offer a variety of cooking classes (Northampton location does as well). The store is located in the chic open air shopping center Stuyvesant Plaza.
Fishes Eddy
Union Square, Manhattan
More dining room and serving focused but the place to go for dishes and plates.
Kerekes Bakery Supply
Facebook fan Andrea says: "You need to know what you want but the prices are great!" From checking out their website, it seems very easy to use by searching, narrowing and sorting. 
N.Y. Cake & Baking Dist.
Chelsea, Manhattan (Also in Los Angeles, CA)
A favorite of Marliese's Sweet Treats for great baking supplies.
Premier Gourmet
Kenmore (Buffalo)
Another recommendation from Kim Bruleé's B-Sides. They carry beer, cheese, coffee and have a deli. Also looks like they have great deals and promotions!
Warren Kitchen Tools
Provide in-store sharpening and engraving.

North Carolina
A Southern Season
Chapel Hill
Gourmet foods and gifts.

Faraday's Kitchen Store
Largest kitchen store in Austin, offer cooking classes for all ages.