Saturday, November 9, 2013

DOUBLE WINNER: A Call To Write: September & October, Apples and Thanks

Hey y'all! I have chosen the two winners for the September and October Stationary & Stamps giveaways! I asked you guys to tell me what your FAVORITE food to eat this time of year. I'm a biiiiig pumpkin girl, but these two responses got me salivating for something a little different! 

The Apple cards will go to Ann! Ann says:

                "Pumpkin bread (thanks Grandma!) with a mug of hot apple cider :)
                      Oh and "apples" - being a teacher and all..."

And The Merci cards will go to Sabrina H.! Sabrina says: 

                "This time of year always makes me want Southern Style baked Mac n Cheese. 
                  I also love spaghetti squash and spicy turkey sausage ragout." 

Ladies,  please send me the address you would like your stationary and stamps to be mailed to theculinarylibrarian[at]gmail[dot]com!