Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Busy night!: Roasted garlic, chopping veggies, BEST burger EVER!

I've begun preparing for my first 'real' dinner party at my apartment. The idea is a faux Seder (verrry faux)/Holy Thursday last supper. We have matzos and brisket and lots of wine on the way. Tonight was roasting the garlic to mix into the mashed potatoes, cleaning/peeling/chopping the veggies so they are ready to go Thursday night.

It was my first time roasting garlic and it worked out well for my needs, but I think I over roasted the cloves a little bit because they did not come out as full cloves only as roasted garlic paste. Since I'm going to be mixing them into the mashed potatoes its easier that I already have the paste set.
I peeled & chopped 3lbs of carrots which I am going to boil and toss with fresh parsley and butter to serve. Then I prepared a bunch of green beans by French-cutting them; this just means cutting them lengthwise. This is definitely my favorite way to have green beans (one of my top 5 favorite veggies!) and I've only ever had them this way from frozen. It is obviously easy to prepare them, just cutting-- its easiest to cut the green beans at an angle and then split them. Can't wait to have them at dinner!

After all this prep work I was HUNGRY! From reading NYT's Peter Meehan's T Magazine blog article "Homeburgers" (http://tmagazine.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/03/18/grass-fed-homeburgers/) I was inspired to get ground beef in my Fresh Direct this week and make some tasty beef burgers (instead of turkey, which I have been whenever I've made burgers for months lately). This burger ended up being the BEST burger I've ever made and maybe the best I've ever eaten!! Of course I topped it with bacon, american cheese (deli sliced-- way different than the packaged kind), a leaf of Boston lettuce, and bottomed my baguette roll with BUTTER (Meehan's suggestion from "How to cook everything's" Mark Bittman). It was royally delicious. I RARELY finish a whole homemade burger (btw, McDonalds does not count!). I ate every last bit of it! So so so delicious!

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