Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Brave New Kitchen

So after a bit of a whirlwind week of moving to my new apartment and travel to Vegas for business I am finally back in New York! 

Unfortunately I wasn't able to explore Vegas' culinary side due to long tiring days and a cold/sore throat that required nursing and created a limited appetite. I did have a crêpe at Paris Las Vegas-- the "Île Saint-Louis" (of course): ham, mozzarella and basil topped (not sure why..) with béchamel. Tasty, but not the best crêpe ever!

Tonight I enjoyed some simple but real cooking in my new kitchen. I've been hungry for a full-on breakfast and the baguette I bought yesterday was already stale -- voila! French toast! I like to have a little bit of everything especially if I do breakfast at dinnertime, so I also made scrambled eggs with a little colby jack cheese and some fresh red and green grapes on the side. 

My new kitchen presents some challenges and some definite benefits. The space is much smaller than my former kitchen and the my new counter is also the dining table. This will be the most challenging change for me. The oven is full size with a gas powered range, but one of the pilot on the front corner burner is out and is therefore unusable (for now)-- no biggie. My roommates provide great pots & pans at my disposal. Also, my mom got me two great all metal all-clad pans so now I can finally sear my meat and cook it off in the oven in the same pan retaining all those luscious drippings! 

Fortunately with the small kitchen my new roommates do not tend to cook! One of the many ways the three of us are a good fit. I hope they will enjoy my cooking! 

Back to work tomorrow and planning to hit the Union Square market on Saturday to get some good veggies. Any cooking suggestions for the coming week and weekend? 

I'm going to watch the True Blood premiere on Sunday evening and would love to bring something fun and vampire-y to share with my friends. Any ideas good enough to sink our fangs into? 

Also, who is enjoying the new Cooking Channel? I haven't watched it much yet (ridiculously limited channels at the hotel in LV!) but will start DVRing some shows. Open to suggestions! 

Glad to be back!

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Hali Bey said...

Yes. So nice. I watch it often!