Wednesday, March 2, 2011

RSS Obsessed: An Ode to Google Reader

I have recently become addicted to RSS feeds and reading blogs using Google Reader. My obsession began moments after reading the feature on LA Food Blogger Jo Stougaard in the LA Times where she mentions she reads 200+ blogs using Google Reader.

Before this I didn't read too many blogs or look at any sites daily. I would just click links in Twitter that sounded interesting to stay abreast of what was happening. My new style is to add the RSS feed to my Reader for every site I find and like. Google Reader will automatically update me when there is a new post and I can quickly read through all my favorite blogs and websites! 

One of the best things about Google Reader is if you have a Google account already, there is nothing new to create or sign up for and no additional site to sign-in to when you want to read all your blogs and feeds in one place. I can easily click "Reader" at the top of my Gmail screen when I want to check in for new feeds and browse over what was recently posted. The most set-up you need to do is building your reader feed by simply copying and pasting RSS feed and Blog links into the "Add A Subscription" bar. So quick and so easy!

Another great feature, you can search all the blogs and feeds in your reader making it so simple to find things you may have read a few days (or months!) ago or something you glanced at but didn't have time to finish reading. I love this feature because I am always half remembering things and sometimes have difficulty finding the source of my memories. Google Reader narrows down the search process to allow me to quickly find what I am looking for. This tool is extremely useful, especially if you find yourself doing research based in blogs. 

And of course, Google Reader is smart phone ready! You can download the Google Reader Application and get all the features of Google Reader on the go. This is something I'm quite fond of at lunchtime when I want to catch up on things I may have didn't have time to read during the morning. Easy to use and any updates you make on your phone will sync with your reader in-browser. 

So what are some of the things I read in my Google Reader?:
(All links are to RSS feeds-- add and enjoy!)

The Kitchn (found out about this blog from Kelsey Nixon)
A fun blog with a wide range of topics. My favorite thing is all the photos of kitchens they post!
One of the best sources for what's happening in the "Foodie" world. 
Their blog profiles an individual who has a "Good" food job once a week in interview format. It is a great inspiration to me every Monday (now, Tuesday) morning. 
Dr. Nestle's blog is the best source what what is going on in the world of food politics and safety. 
Jonathan Bloom's blog shares links about food waste, ways people are reducing their waste, and gets you thinking about what you do with your carrot peels. 

I encourage you to start using Google Reader and see if you like it as much as I do! Such a great way to stay in touch with all your favorite things. And if you do like it, odds are you will become as RSS obsessed as I am and look for that orange symbol on every website or blog you like. (I have even started tweeting and e-mailing sites who don't have an RSS feed asking them to post one!)

*       *       *

Do you already use Google Reader? Do you use a different RSS Feed reader? 

If so, please tell me about it!

What are your favorite RSS Feeds and Blogs to follow? (Leave links and information in comments)


belle nana said...

i love my google reader. absolutely adore it. i keep finding links that i like, but then i forget to regularly check them-or rather, that's what happened BEFORE i started using my google reader. now i can go days (or let's be real-a few hours) without looking at the internet and not feel like i went back to the stone age, because i'm just a few clicks and mouse scrolls away from being right on top of my game.

i also love reading certain webcomics with google reader-because (as long as the artist posts the image and not a link to it) then i can go back and read the whole thing from start to finish if i so desired, without any annoying clicking and waiting involved. (yes, i can be that impatient.)

The Culinary Librarian said...

Thanks, Lexie! Yes, reading consecutive comics together would be a great use of Google Reader. Maybe I will add some that I check every now and then.