Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Locavore Way WINNER!

Before I announce the winner I want to say Thank You to everyone who participated in my first giveaway!! Everyone contributed very thoughtful responses and I was happy to see so many of you content to stay just where you are. There were some technical kinks which I am working on fixing for the next giveaway. I will be sure to open it up to multiple means of entry from the start for the next one. Hopefully there will be another giveaway towards the end of the summer, so keep reading! 

It was difficult to pick just one winner but I have to award it to Jeremy:

Tuscania, Italy is where I'd live. I'd wake up every morning and pick a fresh persimmon from the 100 year old tree outside my front door. I'd walk up a winding road to my friends olive groves and proceed to take part in the 'dance of the tarps' as we harvest the caninio olives. After a trip to the mill I'd sit down and enjoy a meal of wild boar prosciutto, freshly milled olive oil, hand made pasta and grilled vegetables fresh from the garden. Dessert would be some just picked prickly pears drenched in balsamico that is older than Italy is unified.

That would be wonderful! 

Oh, wait, I've already done that! I need to do it again!

Jeremy captured me by going ultimately local, pulling on my travel heart-strings, my strange fondness of Italian wars of unification and also writing a beautiful little scene that we can all imagine ourselves in. Congratulations! You will love reading The Locavore Way and learning more ways to enjoy the bounty in the world around you. Please email me the address where you would like the book, Strand tote and bookmark to be sent: theculinarylibrarian[at]gmail.com.

Again thank you all for participating and being readers of my blog. Keep eating local, shopping your farmer's market, making the most of your CSA deliveries and enjoying delicious food! Click the book link above to buy the book for yourself and learn tons of tips for shopping and cooking your bounty.

And lastly, on this solstice, let us welcome summer! The ultimate growing season in the Northern Hemisphere. Wishing you all months of sunshine, warm ripe fruits and vegetables and a harvest to enjoy now and preserve for the winter months. 

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