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Bake for You: Treats from the 518 to your Door!

"Can you bake for me?" The pleas for Linda Kindlon's baked goods have been coming for years. Finally in 2009 after spending hours of her time lost in cookie recipes online she decided to honor those requests in a new way and opened her business Bake For You (BFY). Linda's turning out cookies, scones, cupcakes, brownies and more that all taste like they are coming straight from mom or grandma's kitchen. 

Bake For You makes their treats using as many local and organic ingredients as possible. As Linda told me, her philosophy is "really good ingredients make for a really great product." One of the things I really love about Bake for You are the locally inspired names. The Bake for You kitchen is located along Washington Park so many of the names come from the streets around the park. She also has a cupcake named for her adorable granddaughter Addison. 

Currently Linda is taking custom orders in the Albany, NY area, baking goodies for local businesses and also mailing her treats nation wide through her website. Being from the area, and a good friend of  Linda's daughter, she thought I might enjoy checking out some of her signature cookies in a bit of a taste test. Though I find myself in Albany about once a month, Linda was kind enough to mail me three different kinds of cookies here to my New York address. I was glad to see the mailing presentation so I could tell you about how wonderfully they were sent through the mail since many of you are not local to the Capital District but will be tempted to mail order from Bake for You

What I received was a lovely brown box tied up with ribbons and tissue paper with a little note from Linda and a Bake for You magnet with the company's mantra "Cookies make everyday better!": 

This is just how I would want a package of goodies to arrive when sending them to a loved one! The best part was everything arrived fresh and perfectly in tact. I'm totally sold on the effective packing of Linda's sweets and have already started thinking about who will get a little Bake for You love in the mail this year. 

Now onto the sweet stuff: the cookies! My roommates and I sampled the three different flavors Linda sent; chocolate chip, oatmeal cranberry and the BFY signature white chocolate cranberry. 

The Chocolate Chip

This big cookie has all the flavors you want from the classic American cookie with a slightly crunchy exterior and nicely chewy interior. A box of these would be sure to cheer up anyone's day. 

The Oatmeal Cranberry

I'm a big fan of oatmeal in anything, but especially cookies. This cookie was my favorite of the three. These can be ordered with cranberries or the more traditional raisins, but I enjoy the tartness dried cranberries provide. The chocolate chip and white chocolate chip cookies were about 2x the size of these, I'm not sure if they're always sized this way but I thought these were just right.

The BFY Signature: 
The White Chocolate Cranberry

This is the cookie Linda and Bake For You have come to be known for, and it is a good one. It is a nice alternative for those who aren't wild about chocolate and like to feel they're enjoying a sweet with a little fruit and a lot of flavor. 

When I spoke to Linda last weekend, she was fresh from the Albany Wine and Dine for the Arts Festival. This year was her third time at the festival and she served up some classic Bake For You goodies along with a butternut squash square with pear, apple and whiskey that got a "Really good. Good job!" from an Albany food reporting big shot Steve Barnes

Bake For You is really shining in the Capital District and country-wide. In the two years she has been sending goodies in the mail she has only ever received one complaint. You can order her full menu for mail delivery except for cupcakes. Her orders have come from all over and she already has loyal customers who use Bake For You for all their sweet needs from miles away. When placing your order, also ask about adding Harney & Sons teas! What could be better than an unexpected delivery of scones and tea from Bake For You?

If you do happen to be an Albany local, be sure to keep an eye out at your favorite coffee shops and cafés. A favorite spot of mine is the Hudson River Coffee Company where I recently enjoyed one of Linda's perfect pumpkin scones (a crisp exterior with the soft pumpkiny interior I like). You can also find BFY places like The Daily Grind, Altamont Coffee Café, Iron Gate Café and even Bob & Ron's Fish Fry

Bake For You treats are sure to brighten anyone's day!
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