Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Big Gay Ice Cream Shop & Lexie's Birthday!

Yesterday I finally got down to the brand new Big Gay Ice Cream Shop to celebrate the birthday of my friend Lexie (you know her from her blog belle nana sans banane)! The highly anticipated permanent location for NYC's favorite ice cream opened last Saturday. As Doug stated the goal of the shop is to be an emporium for special frozen treats in the city, and they accomplish it well. The menu is overwhelming, but Doug tweeted me some good advice yesterday: "I usually tell people to stop thinking so hard about the menu. Just pick whatever catches your eye, then come back again." 

When you get inside you'll be greeted by a super friendly and helpful staff- eager to help you make a selection, answer questions or (probably) chat about the lovely unicorns all around (please don't rub against the pretty unicorn on the wall! she wants to stay BE-dazzled not DE-dazzled!). The shop is petite. On Saturday it was without a bench, seats or bar to lean on. On Lexie's first visit she remembered some sitting or leaning furniture so hopefully that will return. There are also Big Gay Ice Cream t-shirts available to buy and some olive oil, too. It smells sweet inside and makes you hungry for some treats. 

Above is the extensive BGIC menu- lots of options, all your favorites from the truck plus all the special toppings. Also, you can always order shakes now and they offer drinks- including fresh Tang! It really is difficult to pick, so go with a favorite or try something new every time! All I wanted for my first visit was a choinkwich (which I haven't been able to try yet) and was foiled again- sold out! Someday soon I will get one. It may involve arriving right as they open but one way or another I will experience the bacon, ice cream, cookie magic! 
The choices don't stop there... below is the "Friends" menu which features specials from Melt Bakery, La Newyorkina and Danny Macaroons. I have serious plans to try the La Newyorkina Rainbow and Cucumber/lime paletas on one of my next visits. It really took me a while to decide what to get yesterday, but a went with an old classic- the Monday Sundae:
Lexie and I met downtown to celebrate her birthday in style with BGIC. She stopped in the shop a few days before to check it out and got a Mermaid that day. After much debate, she opted for the Gobbler, happy to find that the pumpkin butter and not the apple butter was out (unlike me, she is not a fan of pumpkin):
Birthday Girl & the Gobbler
In all, it was the first of many future visits I will make to the Big Gay Ice Cream shop. A great spot to celebrate a birthday or cheer up a dull day. I'm happy to know I'll be able to secure a Salty Pimp in the grey dregs of winter. Certain to brighten the coldest New York day. And remember just because the shop is open, doesn't mean the truck is done! As usual, follow @biggayicecream on Twitter to find out where they are. 

Lexie takes a lick!

Big Gay Ice Cream Shop
125 E 7th St
New York NY 10009


Erika Beth, the Messy Chef said...

I'm so happy they have a permanent shop now. I love their stuff!

The Culinary Librarian said...

Me too, Erika!

Adam said...

Very cool. Not quite sure why they don't carry Mangoo, Penis Butter, Peach Around, and other highly suggestive flavors . . . but it's pretty awesome nonetheless ;) I'll be sure to take a gay friend there next time I'm in NYC.

The Culinary Librarian said...

Very clever names, Adam! The "gay" part is really just their sassy name- it is a place for everyone who loves ice cream, frozen treats & creativity! When you come visit NYC we can go get Salty Pimps!