Friday, September 9, 2011

Follow Fridays: #Favorites

We have come to the final post in my Follow Friday Series. We've talked about my top tweeters for #Reading, #Activism, #FoodJobs, #Friends, #Shopping and now we come to my overall #Favorites. Some of these accounts are just things I really love, some not even related to food. Others are food related favorites that really don't fall into the other categories but I want you to know about them because I think they are great. 

Each week I change up who I put in my #Favorites tweet but I usually cycle through the same batch of people depending on what I've been thinking about during the week. So here is my last group of Follow Friday (#FF) accounts, #Favorites

@chefludo - Of course Chef Ludo is on my favorites list! I talk about him nearly as much as I talk about macarons! Follow him on Twitter for tweets with fun photos (lots of coqs), menu items for LudoBites and information on Ludo Bites America

@frenchchefwife -Krissy Lefebvre keeps the business side of Chef Ludo's work in order and takes to Twitter to keep a lot of things in order. Hoping for a last minute reservation opening at LudoBites? Better be following Krissy on Twitter. She also tweets pictures of Chef Ludo you just won't see anywhere else, like him eating a just-killed-buffalo's heart (Warning!: not for the squeamish). 

@mylastbite - Jo Maxwell Stougaard of My Last Bite is a wonderful food blogger based in LA. She is well-known for her informative Twitter feed that has over 87,000 followers. She is one of the main LudoBitches and I found her from retweets of her tweets by Krissy and Chef Ludo. After reading this LA Times article about her, she quickly became one of my favorite food bloggers and tweeters (she's also the one who I learned about Google Reader from- which has changed how I get my food news). She has a fabulously positive outlook on life and like her website states: "MyLastBite shares just the positive and never the negative. If I like it, I share it… If I don’t, I don’t!" She's a must follow for anyone who loves food. 

@fiafny - My francophilia runs deep and the French mecca in New York City is the French Institute / Alliance Française on East 60th Street. FIAF is responsible for Bastille Day and many other great events throughout the year. They also have Cinema Tuesdays where they screen new and old French movies, a wonderful French library and they offer language classes that run the gamut from children's courses to French for travelers to cooking classes taught in French and English. If you love French culture as much as I do, no matter where you live, definitely follow @FIAFNY. 

@french_women - Where would we all be without Mirelle Guiliano? The author of the French Women Don't Get Fat books has been inspiring women for years with her lifestyle advice and reminders to partake in the joie de vivre. Her most recent publication is the French Women Don't Get Fat Cookbook which I love and highly recommend. The French Women blog offers great advice and her tweets give little glimpses into her day to day life. Following her is a great way to add a little inspiration to your Twitter feed.

@yankees - Another obvious one, I love the New York Yankees. If you do, too, you should be following their Twitter account for all the latest news. Lately they've been especially  helpful with updates on rain delays. 

@hansonmusic - Before you think this dates me or that I'm just a teeny-bobber stuck in 20-somethings body- listen to the most recent Hanson album Shout it Out. Their music is excellent. It makes you feel good, want to sing along and expresses the very same emotions you feel daily. I've loved them since "Mmmbop" but I've also stuck around to see what would come next and never have I been disappointed. If you have your doubts, give them a brand new listen- and follow, too. Looking forward to seeing them perform again next month, which is the best way to see them- live.

@biggayicecream - I came to the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck (and now Shop) a few months late. I'd heard about them but didn't know enough to go check them out in Union Square. But after I saw the United Tastes of America episode featuring their Salty Pimp I knew I just had to go try one when their season started back up. Since then I've visited Doug multiple times at the truck and I'm planning my first trip to the new shop on Saturday. Their tweets are important for their location but also for lots of fun photos, silly questions and amusing random thoughts.

@lukeslobster @lukeslobsterny - I love Luke's Lobster. I love it so much! Best lobster roll I've ever had- best lobster roll I could ever imagine. A mass of claw meat, drizzled with melted butter and sprinkled with herbs- place on top of a warm New England-style hot dog bun toasted with butter and if you want it, a small line of mayo along the bottom. It is perfection. Also, their bisque is amazing, the beers they offer are from Maine and the atmosphere is beachy, laid-back and a bit salty. I LOVE LUKES. Follow both of their accounts if you are a lobster lover like me. 

@macaroncafenyc - I also love MacarOn Café. Conveniently located across from the theatre where FIAF screens their movies on Cinema Tuesdays, this little pink and white shop serves up some great macarons in NYC. Its a combination of the wide variety of flavors, the friendly staff, the attractive decor, the French music and the tasty drinks & savory food that created a special place in my NYC heart for MacarOn Café. Check them out- they also deliver to anywhere in the US! (I also love the emphasis they give to the "O" in macarOn- as you know it bothers me greatly when people spell it with two "o"s.)

@patisseriesblog - Adam has this stunning blog called Paris Pâtisseries. Stunning is literally the best word I can think of to describe it. By fortune one day I found him through a #FF tweet by French Twist DC and I was drooling on my key board minutes later. He does in depth pastry reviews of all the best Paris shops. He is honest, funny and excitable. It is very easy to spend hours poring over his site. His tweets are on-again-off-again but when they're on they're highly entertaining. Follow his blog and his Twitter. As I like to say, he is the Ruth Bourdain of pastry.  

While these are some of my primary favorites, there are always others who I include each week when I'm really into them. Thank you for following the Follow Friday Series with me! I hope you've enjoyed learning about some of my favorites and hopefully you have discovered some new favorites for yourself. My Follow Friday's always shift a little bit, but I tried to give you my lists of tried and true in each of the categories. Feel free to share your favorites in the comments below and keep tweeting! 

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