Tuesday, December 13, 2011

On the Second day of Christmas... Ultimate Ice Creams

The second day of Christmas adds two more items to my wishlist: an Ice Cream maker and the Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams cookbook.

Among some combination of an unair-conditioned apartment and reading a slew of tweets over the summer about everyone running their ice cream machines I decided I will require one of my own someday soon. I've had my eye on the Cuisinart one which goes for around $50 on Amazon and which I've heard good things about from others who have it. It would be highly impractical for me to acquire one now since I lack even counter space for my beloved Cuisinart Food Processor(last year's major present) in that same steamy apartment. Someday.

If you are thinking of getting an ice cream maker for someone this season, be sure to pair it with the Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams book. The joy of tasting Jeni's ice creams has yet to be mine, but the best way to try these raved about treats if you don't want to order them is to make them at home using the cookbook (coolbook?). (Sidenote: mailing these ice creams would make a really excellent gift, less so around the holidays and more so on birthdays, Valentine's day, special occasions, when someone you love is under the weather etc.). I first heard about Jeni's after seeing a tweet from Suvir Saran about a macaron ice cream sandwich. Jeni's isn't the only one slipping ice cream between those maddeningly wonderful French cookies, but she was the first person I heard of who was (You can also have the sandwiches shipped!).

A few other things that would pair well with these two: plastic quart containers (for storing the ice cream when its made), a great scoop, sundae toppings, cones and maraschino cherries.

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