Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Impromptu Haiku Contest

Yesterday I decided I to get someone this copy of Michael Ruhlman's Ratio I have lying around that went unclaimed by its winner from the initial giveaway. So I went to Twitter and asked you all to send me food haiku and I would choose a winner after I had compiled fifteen. 

Here they are: 

@Grouchlibrarian: Vegans, stay away, lest your firm resolve melt from tender smoked brisket. [i found this. it aint mine. but i love it.]

@human_ortolanpoached farm fresh eggs or sprouts from far off brussels bacon is their muse

@yum_foodweek in Jamaica / jerk belly and rum punch head / breadfruit hangover

@FUSSYlittleBlogThe two kitchen scales | Weigh beans, rice, coffee and such | But want to make dough

@KateSonders entered two: 
I want a pickle/ with my pastrami sandwich/ at the Jew deli
Woody Allen sits/ at a table in Times Square/ Carnegie Deli

@CathiWalsh"taste this crème brûlée," he said, "vanilla bean and kiss my hungry lips."

@ScottBartlesA spring salad waits Asparagus with goat cheese Bacon vinaigrette

@ceruleanfleurthis sweet tofu wrap Is just enough to off set The bitter coffee

@oldediamondeyesSound of meat browning, feel of knife through vegetable: a cook's true reward

@HannahPaquin sent two as well: 
Drizzle, sizzle, hiss/Lemonade to cut the burn/Summertime cookout.
Pit-pat-drip-sip-sip: / Fresh rain runs down the window / Watched through steaming tea.

A long form haiku from @BellsBistrospot prawns eyeball me-garlic,lemongrass and ginger sear-you made a sacrifice,as you raise a glass of coconut cream---fun->

@FoodBookFairfood and books are my reason for being on this the twitter machine

@AngryLibraryGuy: Are you just a tub of lard & vastly overweight? Cuz when you die you'll need a piano crate.

@Carriemurph: mexican food is/spicy and good. O my mouth!/beans and rice for life.

@onlinepastrychfSweet pale orange dough/You shall rise in a warm place/And make me happy.

And the winner is.... 

Thanks everyone for playing! Be sure to check back to the CL every Wednesday morning for my own original food haiku: Wednesday Haiku.

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