Monday, July 15, 2013

A Call to Write: Sirens and Lighthouses

Summer is in sweaty, full swing in the city and I have my thoughts on crystal clear swimming pools, waves breaking on the beach and cooling off with cocktails. Luckily I will experience all of these things in the next two months. As August approaches I have vacation on my mind. When I was little my family went to Cape Cod every summer for a week or two. The rough, cold Atlantic ocean is a comforting place for me and filled with happy memories. When I think about the ocean my mind wanders to those mythical creatures I learned about when I was only 2 or 3 years old at the movies: mermaids. With mermaids and their siren calls to sailors I thought how perfectly paired green glitter mermaid stationary and the newest USPS Lighthouse stamps would be.

So here they are!:
GlitterMermaidsandLighthousesIt may be hard to tell in the photo, but those mermaids are indeed embossed in shimmering green glitter. 10 cards and 10 stamps just waiting to swim out to a whimsical friend, a seaside relative, or maybe an in-land dreamer.

Now for Question Number Five:

What do you think mermaids would like to eat? or

What do you think mermaids would eat if they lived on land?

Sky is the limit! Be as creative and imaginative as you’d like. As usual if I have more than 10 entries I will randomly choose a winner, otherwise with 10 or fewer I will choose my favorite response. After 2 weeks (on July 30th) I will choose and announce the winner on The Culinary Librarian. The winner will need to email me the address they would like me to send the stationary and stamps within 48 hours. If the winner doesn't respond I will choose a new recipient and announce the new winner on blog. If you are having trouble commenting in the comments section, email your response with the subject line “Sirens and Lighthouses” to theculinarylibrarian[at] by 11:59pm EST on July 29th.


Kathleen said...

mermaids would eat steak.

Kathleen said...

Mermaids eat stead all the while combing her hair with a dingle-hopper!

Kathleen said...

steak, mermaids eat steak!';

Anne M. said...

Merfolk have a varied diet, from hunting the large predatory fish that might otherwise threaten their young or eat their usual prey, to nabbing what they can from schools of smaller prey fish.

Particularly prized are small crustaceans, for their natural sweetness-- a mermaid who is presented with a freshly cracked crab by her beau is a happy mermaid indeed!

Given the chance to sample our land food, however, one treat stands out above all the rest-- oranges. So bright and fresh! Such a pleasing feel as the flesh bursts with juice upon the tongue! Not many foods can please the mer-palate the way a nice fresh orange can...

Joni said...

I believe they would eat tuna, aka "chicken of the sea". Perhaps a burger and some fries as well.

Hannah Orlove said...


Competing intelligent apex predators would see each other as food resources. Sharks often get a bad rep, but they're not malicious the way dolphins are - sharks would hunt mermaids when they're hungry, and dolphins would hunt mermaids to kill them whether or not they wanted to eat them. So mermaids would eat dolphins to eliminate them as both competition and as threats.


WillyD said...

Mermaids are the children of the sea, and would never eat their siblings. Mermaids eat kelp and wakame, which accounts for their lustrous hair and shiny scales!

Erin O'Sullivan said...

Mermaids love their greens! Green avos, green smoothies, ants on a log!!