Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Eating for Beginners Giveaway WINNERS!

It's taking me longer than normal to adjust to being back from vacation. Seems while I was whiling away on the beaches of Cape Cod fall started sweeping into NYC with cooler temps, those tree-rustling breezes and a desire for hot coffee over iced in the morning. The onset of autumn is a great time to start reading Melanie Rehak's Eating for Beginners, and fortunately two of you will receive it just in time to do so. As back-to-school scents, sights and sounds fill the air, you will be joining Rehak on her journey to educate herself on where our food comes from and how to prepare it responsibly. I hope you enjoy reading her prose and adventures through eating as much as I have. 

The winners:

The random winner, whom I selected by using a random number generator to select a number from the list of 10 entries is Amy

         I didn't even try Creamed Spinach until 3 years ago and now it's a favorite - always    
         looking for new ways to make veggies! I love serving it with a great piece of meat and 
         it's the first thing I help my friends make when they say they don't know how to cook!

The favorite winner was not easy to select. You all gave creative and interesting suggestions for how to serve this. Ultimately I had to go with the entry that made me most hungry when looking over the responses. This entry came via email from Chef Dante:  

         I do a very fragrant pork belly with nutmeg, vanilla and other sweet spices. Braise it    
        out, slice it and sear it crispy. It would be excellent with this spinach. 

Congratulations Amy and Chef Dante! Please email me the mailing address where you would like the book to be sent! It will come via the US Postal Service. Email: theculinarylibrarian[at]gmail[dot]com. 

Thank you to everyone who participated! Keep an eye on The CL for more giveaways to come! 

And to any of you who try out the creamed spinach ravioli, please report back on the original post! Happy cooking!

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