Friday, August 26, 2011

Follow Fridays: #Friends #Foodies

One of the many nice things about being part of the culinary blogosphere is that you are never without friends, and most often never without friends who were there long before you got involved in talking about food 24/7. I am fortunate to have a combination of very old, dear friends and new found friends who are food lovers that I can always count on.

Enjoy following their adventures in eating, cooking, and pastry school! My Follow Friday (#FF) picks for #Friends and #Foodies:

@M_Sweettreats - Marliese is my oldest friend on this list. We grew up around the corner from one another and when I was little I even had a separate birthday party (one of three) every year for her and her sisters - the "Engel Party." Now that we're grown women she is still a close friend and is doing marvelous things in the baking department. She has a budding baking business: Marliese's Sweet Treats. She chronicles the wonderful desserts she makes and eats in her blog. Most recently she began the pastry course at the French Culinary Institute! Be sure to follow her on Twitter as she juggles pastry school and a full-time job with finesse and sweetness.

@twelvefortyfour - Lexie (or Alexandra as she is known at school) is a new, but very dear friend. I was introduced to her by my friend Kyle when she moved to NYC. She too is a student at the FCI but is at the tail end of her pastry program there. Her blog Belle Nana Sans Banane explores what it means to be a pastry student and is also a great resource of  technical pastry/culinary terms. Over the past year I have happily accepted treats she has made in class- I never encountered a pastry I didn't like! But my favorite was the Linzer Torte she shared with me, mmm. Follow her tweets for what it is like to be a busy culinary student and what happens after graduation.

@Halibey - Hali is another very old friend of mine. We go way back to the days of Girl Scouts and have been great friends ever since. Currently she is enrolled at BU in their Gastronomy program and I envy all the books she gets to read to work on her degree. She also has a blog, Concrete Magnolia, where she most often features stunning photographs. She's definitely one to watch! 

@culinarianTH - Tiffany is yet another longtime friend who cooks up a storm in the kitchen. Last summer she and her now husband moved to Portland, ME. I was lucky enough to visit her and taste the seaside city's offerings last July. She has been quite busy lately with planning her gorgeous wedding, but now that she is a married lady I think we can expect more tweets and Facebook updates from her. Check out her Facebook page for some yummy photos: The Creative Culinarian. And if you are in Portland and are ever in need of a private chef, Tiffany is your girl!

@tmgastronaut - Jeremy is such a new friend, we've never actually met! We have a Twitter based friendship and he is on there putting out some great links and awesome photos. He works at Wistgen Farm in New York State and is an avid forager, chef and recently canner. My favorite tweets are to series of photos of edibles he's collected on his foraging outings. He shares awesome links and is developing his own website On Gastronomy. Check him out on Twitter and the web.

@kimbruleebsides - Kim is another friend I've yet to meet. We were connected by our friend Nick because we're both total food-lovers. Her Tumblr Kim Brulee's B-Sides lists foods of the day, fun baking ideas like Guinness Brownies, some cool music and the occasional vegetarian dish. Follow her Twitter to find out when she updates her Tumblr.

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